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Thanks to our generous event and prize sponsors, you can earn even more money for your organization during BayouGIVES with the above giving event prizes.

Fairness in determining the winners of the BayouGIVES prizes is very important to Bayou Community Foundation. The purpose of BayouGIVES is to bring the community together in a positive, inclusive spirit and we ask that all involved participate with integrity.
All prizes will be verified using two levels of review: 1) The platform prize picker in the dashboard identifies prize winners based on prize category guidelines; 2) Bayou Community Foundation’s Executive Director verifies those selections to ensure that the correct winner is identified. Bayou Community Foundation has final approval for winner identification. Prize winners must be compliant with BayouGIVES terms & conditions and may be subject to data validation requests before prize monies are released.

In order to be eligible to win a BayouGIVES prize, an organization must have a completed Profile page with, at a minimum, text included in "Our Story" and donation levels.

Bayou Community Foundation reserves the right to modify prize categories and amounts. In the event of any changes to prizes, updates will be made to this page.

All prizes will be distributed by Bayou Community Foundation to winners on or before June 4, 2022.

Donor is defined as an individual or corporation/business/charitable entity. For purposes of awarding prizes involving number of unique donors, unique donors are identified by donor name, email, and address. Multiple donations from one donor to the same nonprofit count as one donation.

For "most unique donors" prizes, eligible online and offline donations must be a minimum of $10. Smaller donations may be combined to reach $10 requirement, but only on donor is counted for each $10 collected.

Budget Categories:
“Smaller Organizations” – annual budget up to $100,000 per information provided during nonprofit registration.
“Larger Organizations” – annual budget over $100,000 per information provided during nonprofit registration.

Participating organizations and donors are limited to one prize within a prize category as specified in the prize descriptions above. Prize monies are not included in any “Most Money Raised” or “Most Donors” prize categories.

Offline donations (cash, check) received by a participating organization and manually entered as such into an organization’s BayouGIVES 2021 dashboard between 12:00 am April 7 – 11:59 pm April 28 will count toward the $500 “Most Donors” and “Most Money Raised” event prizes as described above. Offline donations do not apply to any other prize categories. Organizations may be asked to provide documentation of offline donations on the BayouGIVES Offline Donation Form for prize verification. Offline donations must be received as part of an organization's BayouGIVES fundraising campaign from April 7 - April 28.

b1BANK Facebook Challenge:
• Four participating nonprofits with eligible facebook posts will be selected at random after 12:00 Noon Wednesday, April 28 to each win a $250 prize compliments of b1BANK!
•  To be eligible to win a prize:
1. Facebook post must be originally posted between 12:00 PM Noon on Tuesday, April 27 through 12:00 PM Noon on Wednesday, April 28.
2. Posts encourage donors to give to your participating organization AND include the link to your organization's BayouGIVES profile page
3. Post must include the hashtag - #b1BANKChallenge
4. Shared posts may be included in the random drawing if they include all of the requirements listed above.

• All facebook posts will be searched for eligibility by the hashtag #b1BANKChallenge. Organizations are encouraged to send a private message to the BayouGIVES facebook page - @BayouGives - to alert us of your post. This isn't mandatory, but would be helpful.

• Limit one b1BANK Facebook Challenge prize per nonprofit. The more eligible posts you and your supporters make, however, the greater chance for one of your posts to be randomly selected for a prize.